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Reincarnation and Past Lives

Despite all of the beautiful beliefs and practices in the Hindu tradition, reincarnation and past lives are so often the only thing that people of other faiths focus on when they think or speak of Eastern religions. So what about past lives? Are they important...

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Breath of Life

In this beautiful restream from a 2018 Divine Satsang, Sadhviji beautifully calms a spiritual seeker who has noticed that her breath slows during meditation, almost to a complete stop. She worries that she will die in meditation, and that fear is inhibiting her ability to...

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Expanding The Toolbox For Life

So many times, we feel guilty because of something that we've said and done - something that we wish we could take back. The dilemma in these circumstances is that we take this guilt and turn it against ourselves, making the situation even more damaging...

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