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Satsang & Discourses

Speaking Up To Stop Abuse

Parmarth Niketan · Speaking Up To Stop Abuse What is our role/duty in protecting others? We've all either experienced abuse ourselves or witnessed others being abused, and we know the pain that it causes to everyone involved. But, what do we do about it? How can...

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Why Do We Worship The Cow

Parmarth Niketan · Why Do We Worship The Cow So many westerners ask why Hindus revere the cow, why out of all the things in all of God's glorious creation, do we place cows above all other beings? In this lovely video from Satsang, Pujya Sadhviji...

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How To Start To Love God

Parmarth Niketan · How To Start To Love God There are many ways to accomplish a goal, whether the goal is a materially successful life or a deep relationship with the Divine. In many traditions, imagery is an important part of the worship of God. But,...

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