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Satsang & Discourses

Is Yoga Hindu?

Yoga comes from the Indian spiritual tradition, Sanatan Dharma, also known as Hinduism. So, does it mean that practicing yoga is practicing Hinduism? Mala beads are also frequently worn by yogis. If you wear a mala or use on the chant mantras, does that mean...

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Can you make meditation fun?

Meditation can be challenging because we’re used to being distracted all of the time and sitting can feel boring. So, is there a way to make it more interesting so we want to meditate more often? Are we sure what we’re doing is actually meditation?...

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#MAYDAY World’s Largest Meditation & Prayer in History

#MAYDAY • HUMANITY WILL RISE & UNITE TOGETHER FOR THE WORLD'S LARGEST MEDITATION & PRAYER IN HISTORY. Science has shown that when people come together to meditate and pray electromagnetic fields shift, violence reduces, healing occurs, and peace prevails We are calling forward over one billion people...

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The Main Cause of Stress

Everyone feels stress, sometimes on a frequent basis, but why? What causes stress? Should we change the situation? Should we change our attitude? We want to feel peace and fulfillment, but where does that come from? Sadhviji beautifully explains the answers to these questions in...

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Expectations vs. Needs

As the world of technology has evolved, it seems our needs have too. But, are they really needs? What is classified as a need? Should we expect to have our needs fulfilled? Who should we expect to fill our needs? Sadhviji beautifully explains the answers...

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