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Satsang & Discourses

The Science Behind Sanskrit Mantras

Parmarth Niketan · The Science Behind Sanskrit Mantras Why are Sanskrit mantras are so powerful? What is it about this particular language that is so universally-touted as sacred and transformative? As Pujya Sadhviji explains in this inspiring video from the Divine Satsang, it all has to do...

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Change Your Vision & Change Your World

The world is an ever-changing and constantly-evolving place, and it's sometimes difficult to remember that those changes aren't always as the result of outside forces and things not in our control. Sometimes, we actually play a significant part in those changes. Sadhviji reminds us, "Jaisa...

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The Easiest Spiritual Practice

One of humanity's greatest assets is its ability to find the most-efficient and most-effective ways to achieve successful results. So, it's only natural that we would try to find the easiest way to achieve enlightenment. And, what is that way? In this beautiful video filmed...

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