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Published Articles

Feb 15 2019

“Mother Ganga”, The Pioneer (Part 1)

This article was originally published on The Pioneer, here. The crystal-clear, blue, rushing waters of Mother Ganga cut through the foothills of the Himalayas, carving out the most sacred riverbed in the world. Out of the Mother Glacier more than 13,000 feet above sea level, the Goddess Ganga- daughter of King Himavat, the king of the Himalayas, and Queen Meru, sister of Uma, Bhagawan Shiva’s divine consort-is said to have descended upon Earth, an act of grace and compassion to bring liberation to the fallen sons of King Sagara and all...

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Feb 12 2019

“Knowledge is Not Wisdom and Other Insights India Taught Me”, Thrive Global

This article was originally published on Thrive Global, here. Finding inner bliss is much more than what conventional norms of success mean. One of the crucial lessons that 22 years in India has taught me is that knowledge and wisdom are critically different. During the first 25 years of my life, I was a top student and a graduate of Stanford University. My test scores were always in the highest range. I was, I believed, smart. I even believed I was intelligent and wise. However, despite my ability to read, assimilate, remember and regurgitate...

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Jan 04 2019

“A Summer Evening on the Banks of Ganga”, The Pioneer

This article was originally published in The Pioneer, here. A sadhu sits, his lean body draped in a single, worn scrap of orangish brown cloth, swaying ever so gently in the rapture of his meditation. His head tilts barely perceptibly to the right. Otherwise his posture is perfect, his legs folded neatly and easily into lotus position, palms up on his knees. His body ever so gently sways to a music only he can hear, a music which brings a faint smile to his lips. An elderly woman gently unfolds her cloth...

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Jan 02 2019

“Thriving in the New Year – From New to You”, Thrive Global

This article was originally published on Thrive Global, here. 'That true self is not new of course. But it is new to us. It is new to our experience of our selves.' Every day is new. As my Guru says “Whenever you wake up, it’s morning.” So every day could be your birthday, or New Year. There is nothing I know of astrologically that makes January 1st a particularly auspicious day for embarking on life changes or that makes Mondays better days to start anything new than, say, Thursdays. Nonetheless most of...

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