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Finding Balance in Life

In another variation on the theme of balancing life and spirituality, Sadhviji begins by explaining how each time the question is asked the answer is a bit different because the questioner’s perspective is unique to them. Finding balance between hobbies, career, spiritual pursuits, and family...

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Spirituality, Service & Sanitation

It is important for us to understand the impact of our daily choices on the world, and how we use the materials and resources available to us has direct ramifications. Addressing the topic of sanitation, Sadhviji frankly speaks about sanitation and ‘poop’ to illustrate the...

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The Existence of God

Asked “why believe in God?”, Sadhviji engages in a teaching on science and spirituality. Framing the jurisdiction of science, she offers a broader perspective for spirituality through insights beyond science. Science is the study of an incredibly perfect creation made by an incredibly perfect Creator....

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