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Can Sex Hinder You On Your Spiritual Path?

Aug 17 2021

Can Sex Hinder You On Your Spiritual Path?

When we talk about sexual activity and spirituality, it’s not really about the actual act. It’s about doing something or feeling something based on the needs or desires of the body which, of course, implies that we ARE the body. And, that’s not what our faith tradition tells us. We are NOT the body, after all, is a fundamental belief that we hold dear. So, to do anything based on the needs of the body – whether that’s eating or drinking or having sex or even resting or excercising – is telling the mind that we ARE the body. Now, obviously, we must eat to fuel the body; we probably should rest, so that the body can be restored. But, there are saints and sages that don’t even do that.

So, what do we do? How do we ensure that whatever we do for our bodies isn’t standing in the way of our spiritual path? In this beautiful video, Sadhviji eloquently shares the ways that we can find true freedom by ensuring that everything that we do moves us closer to God, rather than knocks us off our spiritual path.

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