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Can Everyone be a Spiritual Guru?

Aug 02 2020

Can Everyone be a Spiritual Guru?

Can Everyone be a Spiritual Guru? What are the criteria? Why are most of us so resistent to master ourselves?

A Master…a Spiritual Guru…is someone who not only teaches you the truth, but can touch you (metaphorically…) with the truth. The Guru is the one who brings the light of wisdom and removes the darkness of ignorance. The Guru gives you the gift of experience, the actual knowing. Being a Guru is not about memorizing someone else’s words or mantras from a divine scripture…It’s about mastering the Self. Why are we so resistant to even try to master our Selves – to prevent ourselves from becoming a Master? Learn here in this inspirational video from one of Sadhviji’s Divine Satsangs at Parmarth Niketan.

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