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Bhai Dooj Celebrations at Parmarth

Oct 29 2019

Bhai Dooj Celebrations at Parmarth

Today on the fifth day of Diwali, we celebrated the auspicious occasion of Bhai Dooj. This tradition honors the sacred and beautiful brother and sister relationship. In it sisters apply a tilak on their brothers forehead honoring his presence in their lives and wishing for his long and healthy life. They then perform Aarti of their brothers, further praying for light to be upon their brother and upon all. The two then exchange gifts and sweets to honor the bond between them.

In honor of this beautiful tradition, Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji – Muniji and Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati joined our Parmarth Rishikumars, Devotees and sevaks to honor this tradition by sharing sweets and tilaks in commemoration of the sacred tradition.

On the occasion, the story of Lord Krishna coming home to his sister Subhadra after his victory over the demon Narkasur was shared and the spirit and joy in which Subhadra recieved Him with tilak, flowers and sweets was repeated to invoke the spirit of love, divinity and connection amongst us all.

First reverence was offered to Pujya Swamiji; thereafter Sadhvi Bhagawatiji offered the tilak, flowers and Aarti to Bhārat Mitraji, President of ORGANIC INDIA, who joined the celebrations with his team from UPLIFT and Good Deeds. The Rishikumars and sevaks completed the beautiful ceremony admist divine vedic chanting and collective prayer.

We wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Harmonious Bhai Dooj!

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