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Be Yoga, Live Yoga, Be the Light

Jun 22 2020

Be Yoga, Live Yoga, Be the Light

Be Yoga, Live Yoga, Be the Light!

On the beautiful International Day of Yoga 2020, falling also on the auspicious day of the Summer Solstice, a day where we have more sunlight than any other day of the year, we are reminded that the purpose of Yoga is for us to Be Yoga to Live Yoga and Be the Light. It is a day dedicated to remind us of who we are in the fullest and deepest sense.. We are One and We are Love. Through that unity and oneness, we bring the light into the world.

This year on June 21st there was also a full solar eclipse, which is also crucial teaching. Listen in as Sadhviji shares insightful and illuminating wisdom on Yoga, on light, and on the eclipse

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