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Are Your Expectations Making You Miserable?

Aug 24 2021

Are Your Expectations Making You Miserable?

There’s a difference between what we’re expecting and what we’re aspiring to. Think about it. Whenever we expect something, we almost believe that we “deserve” it. Like in relationships, if I treat you well, you’ll love me and be caring and supportive. And, then you’re not. And, then I’m crushed. Because not only did you not do what I wanted, but you shattered my illusion that my expectations would be fulfilled. So, I’m miserable.

In this informative and helpful video, Sadhviji explains how our expectations can be so much more than disappointments in our life. And, how those expectations are the opposite of our aspirations. Watch and listen as Sadhviji explains – and, encourages us to support and nurture our aspirations, for they’re our true calling in life!

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