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#50ActsofCompassion​ Launch on Pujya Sadhviji’s 50th Birthday

Mar 18 2021

#50ActsofCompassion​ Launch on Pujya Sadhviji’s 50th Birthday

On Pujya Sadhviji’s birthday a year-long online campaign was launched to honour her teachings and her divine example by encouraging everyone to engage in at least 50 acts of compassion and kindness throughout the year, hopefully becoming inspired for many more thereafter. These acts of compassion can be anything including: planting a tree, feeding the hungry, providing the gift of education or medical care to those who can’t afford it, becoming a vegetarian (or vegan!) or any action of love and service. Then, please share a picture or post about that act with the hashtag #50ActsofCompassion​​. That will enable us to like/share/retweet your post, getting even more visibility and inspiring others to share their love of the Creator by serving the Creation.

As Sadhviji’s 50th birthday is on a Sunday this year we are also encouraging people to spend their Sunday’s practicing compassion and honouring grace, gratitude, service and simplicity in their lives with the hashtag of #SadhviSunday​​, utilising the power of social media to celebrate the power of compassion and service!

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